On the road to success

Success: A word with which every human being wants to be associated. Especially in our society, in which the career and income plays a very important role in the perception of an individual in the rest of our society. However, many people of the Afro-German community are living more of a modest life. Many people see no future or are distracted by unimportant things that do not lead to success. Interest in the education and training is rather low among young people of African descent.

They are more interested in artistic occupations than they are in the classical occupations, according to the tenor of many African parents. Rather they should, in the opinion of African parents choose classical professions such as lawyer, doctor or engineer. But is that always the solution? These professions are certainly among the financially best career options, but not everyone is suitable for these classic professionals, and that is not always just a matter of intelligence. These occupations are due to their financial compensation highly sought after and only those who are truly interested are going to have endurance to learn the profession. It brings consequently little if African parents obsessively try to force their children into these areas.

If these children later are disoriented and disillusioned sitting on hold at the employment office or need to take work in other occupations, will ultimately leave everyone disappointed. But the worst is when neither the training nor the study will be successfully ended they literally end up empty-handed. That may sound harsh, but true. Not always is laziness or lack of motivation the responsibility of failure. Sometimes you should just do things that can always keep you inspired. Money alone is not a true form of motivation for many or no true long-term motivation. You have to love what you do, which in this case means you need to be as committed to your job as you are in a relationship.

Robert Greene described in his book “Mastery” what is important to be a master in a certain skill. He indicates that it would need some 10,000 hours in order to achieve mastery in a certain skill. To accomplish this, you need discipline, perseverance and you have to love the “journey” of the learning process. To love this scenario is to be willing to learn and educate constantly without complaining but rather to favor these processes to this effect. And not everyone can go through these processes in medical school or law school. What do you do then? The African migrants have to support their children in their interests and promote them financially as much as they can. A university degree or job training certificate should still be a need, without, everything is very difficult to achieve.

After that you should choose freely which gives a greater chance for a successful career because halfheartedly it will be very difficult to be able to prevail in this area. But these three people, which can be seen in their bios, are examples that you can be successful in other professions… Many roads lead to Rome.


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